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Hypholoma sublateritium

Hypholoma sublateritium

Common Name: Brick Tops

Synonyms: Naematoloma sublateritium

Substrate: Wood 

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Purplish Brown

Gill Color: Whitish to Grayish to Purplish-gray


You will usually find these mushrooms growing in clusters on hardwood stumps. First look for the brick-red color that is the common namesake of the mushroom. If there is a veil, it will look like a cobwebby cortina similar to the genus Cortinarius. A descent edible when very young.



Hypholoma sublateritium

11/13/11 - Leonard Springs Nature Preserve - Bloomington, IN

Hypholoma sublateritium

10/27/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN