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Clitocybe nuda

Clitocybe nuda

Common Name: Blewits

Synonyms: Lepista nuda

Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Pale Pinkish



A fairly common edible mushroom in the fall, be careful not to mistake this species for a purple Cortinarius. The can be located in the same vicinity, but Cortinarius have rusty brown spores, while this species has pale pink spores. Both have purple tones to the cap, but the tones can often fade to a buff color with age. The cap of Blewits is hygrophanous, meaning that it can change color as it dries out, leaving parts with purple tones and parts buff. It also often develops wavy edges to the cap. The gills of this species should be a pink to light purple color, but they can brown with age. 

This mushroom most commonly grows on leaf matter. 


Cortinarius species have rusty brown spores. Several other species of Clitocybe lack purple tones to the cap.



Clitocybe nuda

Clitocybe nuda

10/12/13 - Morgan County, IN