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Tricholoma terreum

Tricholoma terreum

Common Name: Earth-gray Tricholoma


Substrate: Ground

Location: Conifer Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: White to grayish


This Tricholoma has a somewhat unique texture to the cap that can be used as a basis for your ID. It is a dark gray color and has a fairly hairy texture. The flesh is thin and fragile.

Scientific Name: "terreum" is from the Latin "terra" = "earth."


Tricholoma virgatum has an acrid taste, a conic cap and a white stem that does not stain. Tricholoma myomyces has a cobwebby partial veil when young. Tricholoma saponaceum has pink and/or orange tones at the base of the stem.


Tricholoma terreum

Tricholoma terreum

10/23/12 - Leonard Springs Nature Preserve - Bloomington, IN