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Tricholoma Sp. 1

Tricholoma Sp. 1

Common Name: Unknown Tricholoma #1


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Unknown

Gill Color: Yellowish


This is the first Tricholoma I have seen in the spring time. Clearly notched, yellow gills. A grayish/olive cap. First thought was Pluteus cervinus when I went down to grab it, because while it was growing from the ground, it was also the center of a well decomposing Hickory tree. That thought changes when I saw the stem. Very short and stout mushroom. Very thick stem relative to the size of the cap.  In personal herbaria. 

No spores dropped.



Tricholoma Sp. 1

Tricholoma Sp. 1

Tricholoma Sp. 1

4/20/12 - Fairfax SRA - Monroe Co. IN