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Tricholoma sejunctum

Tricholoma sejunctum

Common Name: Separating Trich


Substrate: Ground

Location: Conifer forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Whiteish


Look for a yellowish cap with black fibers radiating on top of the yellowish color in the surface. Can be sticky.


Tricholoma portentosum has a grayish cap surface under radiating black fibers. 


Tricholoma sejunctum

Tricholoma sejunctum

A typical "mushroom bump" you may find in a pine woods.

Tricholoma sejunctum

Three on the left are T. sejuntum. One on the right it T. portentosum.

11/13/11 - Leonard Springs Nature Preserve - Bloomington, IN

Tricholoma sejunctum

10/27/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN

Tricholoma sejunctum

11/17/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN