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Tricholoma equestre

Tricholoma equestre

Common Name: Man on Horseback, Canary Tricholoma, Sandy Trich

Synonyms: Tricholoma flavovirens

Substrate: Ground

Location: Conifer forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Yellow


The main thing that separates this mushroom from most of the other Tricholomas are the bright yellow gills. This mushroom usually fruits late in the year, often with other Tricholomas. Aside from the gills, look for a yellow to greenish-yellow cap that may become reddish-brown towards the center. 

Poisonings reported from France with this species, although that may not be accurate for our North American species. Many North American guides list it as a good edible. 


Tricholoma intermedium has white gills and a white stem. Tricholoma sejunctum has black fibers mixed in with the yellow colorations on the top of the cap and white gills. Tricholoma sulphureum has an offensive odor. 


Tricholoma equestre

Tricholoma equestre

10/23/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN