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Hericium coralloides

Hericium coralloides

Common Name: Lion's Mane

Synonyms: Hericium ramosum

Substrate: Wood 

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White


One of the more beautiful edible fungi that you are likely to encounter. This mushroom grows as a coral-like mass with a large number of individual branches. Draping down from each branch of the coral are short spines that droop down towards the earth.

While this mushroom is edible, Most people prefer H. erinaceus for the table, because it has a better texture and is much easier to clean. This mushroom is very fragile, and with all of the branches you are bound to get bark/leaves/bugs/etc down into the main mass.


Herecium americanus is also branched but has spines that grow longer. Typically longer than 1 centimeter. Hericium erinaceus does not have a coral-like growth form. It grows one large central mass.


Hericium coralloides

10/18/12 - Marion, IN