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Lycogala epidendrum

Lycogala epidendrum

Common Name: Wolf's Milk


Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwoods, Conifers

Interior Contents: Pink paste on inside when fresh; Dark pinkish powder when aged


This slime mold often appears as little pink balls on downed woods. If it is fresh, and you squeeze the balls, it should be somewhat pliable, and if you keep squeezing it will burst into a pink goo. With age, these appear as dark colored balls that will drop a dark pink powder when broken.




Lycogala epidendrum

9/28/11 - Paynetown SRA - Bloomington, IN

Lycogala epidendrum

Lycogala epidendrum

9/8/12 - Matter Park - Marion, IN

Lycogala epidendrum

5/24/10 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN


Other Sightings:

9/23/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN