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Panus rudis

Panus rudis

Common Name: Hairy Panus

Synonyms: Lentinus stigosus

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White 

Gill Color: White to Pale Pink


This mushroom may look like a polypore from a distance. It does, however, have gills. This mushrooms has a lot of variation between finds. A younger version of this mushroom can take on a purplish hue. Sometimes is could have more of a vase shape. However it comes it will always have the dense velvety hairs. It will usually also have an inrolled margin.



Panus rudis

Panus rudis

Panus rudis

Panus rudis

Inrolled margin.

5/28/10 - Yellowood State Forest - Brown County, IN