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Lentinellus vulpinus

Lentinellus vulpinus

Common Name: Bear Lentinus


Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Cream


This mushroom grows on wood and tends to have a slightly fuzzy surface.  It could be confused with something like an oyster, but look closely at the gills, and you should see serrated edges. Said to taste very hot.


Lentinellus ursinus is very similar. It may not be possible to differentiate without a microscope. L. ursinus should not have a base, but this can be very variable. 


Lentinellus vulpinus

Lentinellus vulpinus

Lentinellus vulpinus

9/10/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN

Lentinellus vulpinus

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