Crepidotus applanatus

Common Name: Little White Crep

Substrate: Downed Wood

Location: Hardwoods 

Spore Color: Brown

Gill Color: White when young, brown with age


These mushrooms look very similar to Oyster Mushrooms, but are generally smaller and have brown spores. They can be found in the spring or the fall fruiting from downed wood. The surface of the cap starts out pure white, but can sometimes turn brown as the spores begin to drop. It can also be smooth or have white fibrils on the cap. This mushroom is hygrophanous, meaning it will begin to change color as the cap begins to dry out, starting with the edge of the cap. The gills of this species should be fairly narrow. 


Oyster Mushrooms are similar but have white or pinkish spores. There are a couple similar Crepidotus species that can be found. Crepdidotus malachius is very similar but has wider gills and larger spores (5.0-7.5 microns). If the surface fo the cap has brown fibrils, then look into C. mollis or C. crocophylus. A couple other species of Crepidotus similar to C. applanatus are C. herbarum and C. versutus. These usually grow on plant matter and can only be differentiated with a microscope.Also look into Pleurotus and Hohenbuehelia species.


Crepidotus applanatus

8/24/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN

Crepidotus applanatus

Crepidotus applanatus

The brown on the surface is from the spore mass.

Crepidotus applanatus

Brown County State Park - 5/24/10

Crepidotus applanatus

8/25/12 - Racoon Lake SRA - Bloomington, IN