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Scleroderma areolatum

Scleroderma areolatum

Common Name: 


Substrate: Ground

Spore Color: Black to Purplish Black


If you have a microscope, it makes it somewhat easy to confirm the ID of this mushoom, as the spores are spiny, but not reticulate as in similar species. Other than that, you are looking for a yellowish mushroom, with brownish scales over the surface. There will sometimes be a small, sterile base to the mushroom that bruises reddish. A drop of KOH yeilds a brown to red reaction.

Poisonous. Do not eat.


Scleroderma citinum has reticulated spores and a yellow to orange-yellow to brown surface. Scleroderma bovista has a smooth surface.


Scleroderma areolatum

9/29/12 - Ross Hills Park - West Lafayette, IN