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Lycoperdon marginatum

Lycoperdon marginatum

Common Name: Peeling Puffball


Substrate: Ground

Location: Lawns or Forests

Spore Color: Olive to gray-brown


The easiest way to identify this puffball is to find it in the latter stages of growth. With time, the spines tend to peel off in sheets, leaving a smooth brown surface on the underside.

Potentially edible. Mixed reviews.


Vascellum curtisii is usually clustered and is more commonly encountered in mulched areas. Lycoperdon echinatum is very similar, but the skin does not peel off. Lycoperdon perlatum also grows from the ground but the spines are usually less "pyramidal," they do not peel off in sheets, and has a more developed sterile base.


Lycoperdon marginatum

Lycoperdon marginatum

Contributed by Natural Roller.

Dubois County, IN