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Calvatia cyathiformis

Calvatia cyathiformis

Common Name: Purple-spored Puffball


Substrate: Ground

Interior Surface: White when fresh, becoming purplish with age


This is one of the larger puffballs. It is somewhat common in grassy areas when it is in season. The exterior surface can range from whitish to darker brown, with the cracked-looking pattern always being present.

This mushroom is edible when it is still young and white on the inside. They often grow in groups, so look around for a little bit if you find one.


Calvatia craniformis has an interior sporemass that turns yellowish-brown and is more typical in woodlands. Calvatia gigantea has an exterior that is white and smooth.


Calvatia cyathiformis

9/27/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN