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Psathyrella piluliformis

Psathyrella piluliformis

Common Name: Clustered Psathyrella

Synonyms: Psathyrella hydrophila

Substrate: Downed wood

Location: Hardwood forests

Spore Color: Purplish brown

Gill Color: White to grayish purple


When young, the primordia almost look like buttons of Lycoperdon pyriforme about to form. As they grow, however, their true form becomes apparent. This mushroom grows in dense clusters on downed wood. Smooth, hygrophanous cap.

Edibility unknown. One source says the caps are edible.


Psathyrella septentrionalis is very similar except it has tooth-like remnants of the partial veil attached to the margin of the cap. There are several closely related species that you will need a microscope to identify.


Psathyrella piluliformis

Psathyrella piluliformis

9/30/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN