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Psathyrella bipellis

Psathyrella incerta

No Common Name


Substrate: Ground

Location: Around well decaying stumps and wood

Spore Color: Purplish Brown

Gill Color: White then purplish brown


The hygrophanous cap (changes color in zones as it dries) and the remnants of the partial veil around the margin should lead you to the genus Psathyrella. This mushroom maintains its white gills through much of maturity, however, so you may not be able to tell it is dark spored unless you take a print.

The cap of this mushroom has a pale yellow color that will turn to a slightly darker yellow as it dries. Its close companion mushroom, Psathyrella candolleana has a whiter cap that dries white.


Psathyrella candolleana is similar but dries a whitish color rather than yellow and has larger spores.


Psathyrella incerta

6/7/12 - Winslow Woods - Bloomington, IN