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Psathyrella echiniceps

Psathyrella echiniceps

Common Name: None


Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwoods

Spore Color: Purplish brown

Gill Color: Pale-brown to purplish brown


This is one of the easier Psathyrella species to identify. First, it often grows in a cluster from the ground. Secondly, the cap is a tawny-orange color that fades slightly towards the margin, and is covered with brown fibers and scales. Finally, the white to pale yellow stem is also densely coated in brown fibers and scales. At least over the lower 2/3 of the stem. 


Lacrymaria velutina is similar, but the cap is not as conspicuously scaly, and it does not have scales on the stem.


Psathyrella echiniceps

Psathyrella echiniceps

8/28/12 - Shades State Park - Waveland, IN