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Polyporus varius

Polyporus varius


Common Name: Small Black-footed Polypore

Synonyms: Polyporus elegans

Substrate: Wood - Sticks or Branches

Location: Hardwood Forest

Spore Color: White

Pore Color: White; brownish with age


Several quick ID features are the growth habit on sticks or small branches, the black stem, and the pores on the underside. This mushroom is also typically a brownish color. The final thing that may distinguish this variety from its cousins is the small size. Many of the other lookalikes grow a bit larger. 


Polyporus badius grows a bit larger and has a much redder tone to the cap. Polyporus leptocephalus is also larger but with more of a tan/brown color to the cap.


Polyporus varius

Polyporus varius

Brown County State Park - 6/4/10