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Polyporus badius

Polyporus badius

Common Name: Bay-colored Polypore

Synonyms: Polyporus pictipes

Substrate: Downed Wood

Location: Hardwood Forest

Spore Color: White

Pore Color: White to cream


This mushroom is most commonly found with a maroon colored cap that can get nearly black towards the center. Less frequently it can be found with primarily cream tones to the cap. This is usually when they are younger. Look for the growth on wood, and black at the base of the stem. The flesh is tough and leathery. 


Polyporus varius is similar but smaller. 


Polyporus badius'

Typical reddish tones to the cap.

Polyporus badius

The lighter colored younger version.

Polyporus badius

8/26/12 - Summit Lake State Park - New Castle, IN

Polyporus badius

Polyporus badius

8/28/12 - Shades State Park - Rockville, IN


Other Sightings:

9/29/12 - Ross Hills Park - West Lafayette, IN