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Laetiporus sp.

Laetiporus sp.


Common Name: Unidentified Chicken of the Woods


Substrate: Ground / Base of Tree

Location: Tree in Open Area

Spore Color: Unknow

Pore Color: Whitish or cream


This is a Laetiporus species that we found in Brown County State Park. It is likely a species that has not yet been written up in the scientific literature. It shares several charactaristics with Laetiporus cincinnatus, such as a white pore surface, but is also different in several ways. The picture is of a fresh specimen of the mushroom, so it is has much more faded look to the upper surface than either L. cincinnatus or L. sulphereus. The shelves also have a growth pattern that is more confluent than with the typical Chickens.


L. cincinnatus and L. sulphereus


Laetiporus sp.

Laetiporus sp.

Brown County State Park - 6/4/10