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Hapalopilus nidulans

Hapalopilus nidulans


Common Name: Tender Nesting Polypore

Synonyms: Hapalopilus rutilans; Polyporus nidulans

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Pore Color: Dull to Tan


When fresh, this mushrooms should have a very fleshy texture. When dry, it feels more like a sponge. Look for its growth on wood, a dull orange upper surface, and small pores that have an angular shape. The flesh tends to slightly bruise a reddish brown when fresh.

A drop of KOH on the surface or inner flesh should yeild a bright purple color.


Pycnoporus cinnabarinus has a darker red pore surface when fresh or dry.


Hapalopilus nidulans

Hapalopilus nidulans

Pore surface bruises pink.

Hapalopilus nidulans

All parts turn a dark purple with KOH.

6/8/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN

Hapalopilus nidulans

Hapalopilus nidulans

6/4/10 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN