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Gloeophyllum separium

Gloeophyllum separium

Common Name: Yellow-red Gill Polypore

Synonyms: Lenzites saeparia; Species Fungorum

Substrate: Wood

Location: Conifers

Spore Color: White

Edibility: Not edible


I most often see this dark red "polypore" growing from treated wood like picnic tables. While it is classed as a polypore, it actually has a gill-like surface on the underside. Usually gills with crosswalls, but sometimes maze-like. The margin of this species will usually be lighter than the rest of the fruitbody, often displaying yellowish tones. The surface is covered in dense hairs. When it is young, the mushroom has almost orange tones to the upper surface, that fade to a dark red with age.

Chemical Reactions:

KOH - Black


Gloeophyllum trabea is not as hairy and usually lacks the yellow margin. It also prefers hardwoods rather than conifers and has smaller spores (6.5-9.5 x 3-4.5) as compared to G. separium (8.5-13 x 3.5-4.5). Lenzites betulina also has a gill-type underside, but it has a grayish upper surface and prefers hardwoods.


Gloeophyllum separium

10/11/11 - Battleground State Park - Battleground, IN