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Fomitopsis spraguei

Fomitopsis spraguei


Common Name: Sprague's Polypore

Synonyms: Polyporus spraguei, Tyromyces spraguei

Substrate: Wood

Location: Usually hardwood stumps

Spore Color: Unknown

Pore Color: White to Pale Brown


This mushroom can be quite variable, but it usually starts off as a burnt orange mass of fungus on a stump or downed wood. As it grows the main portion of the fungus turns whitish or grayish, with the orange color only at the margins where it is growing. The margin can also be a reddish-brown color. Many times the surface of the cap or the underside will develop water droplets as it grows. 

One easy way to confirm the ID is that the mushroom will stain green when it comes in contact with wax or regular paper. The margins of the mushroom can also turn this greenish color.



Fomitopsis spraguei

Fomitopsis spraguei

9/3/11 - Dunes National Lakeshore - Lake County, IN

Fomitopsis spraguei

Fomitopsis spraguei

7/30/11 - Hoosier National Forest - Monroe County, IN