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Hypomyces lactifluorum

Hypomyces lactifluorum

Common Name: Lobster Mushrooms


Substrate: Russulas and Lactarius

Location: Usually in forests


An interesting mushroom as it actually a parastite on a Russula or a Lactarius species. Even if the mushroomm did not start off as a good edible, most people recognize this species as a good edible, regardless of the original host. 

The bright orange color is very easy to recognize. As it grows on the host, it turns the gills into folds and ridges of fungus on the underside of the cap. 

Scientific Name: "lactifluorum" = "milk flowing" - referring to it being a parasite on Lactarius species.



Hypomyces lactifluorum

Hypomyces lactifluorum

Hypomyces lactifluorum

9/15/12 - McCormicks Creek SP - Spencer, IN