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Panaeolus papilonaceus

Panaeolus papilonaceus

Common Name: Bell-cap Panaeolus

Synonyms: Panaeolus campanulatus, Panaeolus retirugis, Panaeolus sphinctrinus

Substrate: Manure

Location: Fields, Along Horse Trails.

Spore Color: Blackish

Gill Color: Mottled Black & Gray


This is a dung loving mushroom, but it may appear to be growing from the ground. The manure along horse trails gets covered by leaves and may not be visible, but that is the substrate this mushroom desires.  The surface of the cap is a grayish-brown, and may have olive tints. If you look around the margin of the cap, you should see white remants from the partial veil that look like little teeth along the edge. You may need a hand lens to see it. The final key ID features are the mottled gills and the thin, wiry stem. 

Some species of Panaeolus are hallucinogenic. This is not one of them. This mushroom can be found throughout much of the growing season, from spring to fall. 



Panaeolus papilonaceus

May appear to be growing terrestrially.

Panaeolus papilonaceus

Look for the mottled gills.

Panaeolus papilonaceus

Veil remnants as "teeth" along the edge of the cap.

4/19/12 - Morgan Monroe SF - Monroe Co. IN