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Lactarius deliciosus var. areolatus

Lactarius deliciosus var. areolatus

Common Name: Orange-latex Milky

Synonyms: Lactarius deliciosus

Substrate: Wood 

Location: Conifer forests

Spore Color: Pale

Gill Color:: Orangish

Latex: Orange, staining red then green


This name is wrong for many reasons, the primary one being that Lactarius deliciosus is a European name and it likely does not occur in the US.

This species occurs in montane regions of western North America, and not in the eastern US. The cap and gills of this mushroom start off orange. Damaged areas of the gills first turn reddish, then most of the mushroom will eventually turn green. There should not be potholes on the stem. It produces very little milk.


Lactarius deliciosus var. deterrimus is a similar Eastern species. Lactarius thyinos does not bruise green. Lactarius chelidonium does not have orange gills. 



Lactarius deliciosus

8/18/12 - Alta Lake, Colorado - Near Telluride.

Lactarius deliciosus

8/17/12 Telluride Trail - Telluride, CO