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Tremella foliacea

Tremella foliacea

Common Name: Brown Witch's Butter

Synonyms: Leafy Brain

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwoods and Conifers


You will only find jelly fungi in the days shortly after rainfalls as they mostly consist of water. There are two versions of this type of fungus, with the Witch's Butter being more yellow in color. This mushroom is edible, but it does not have much taste.  This mushroom is said to be a parasite on Stereum spp., so you will likely find it close by as well.


Auricularia auricula - Wood Ear - do not have as many lobes, and have a more solid gelatinous texture, rather than a jelly-like texture. Tremella mesenterica - Witch's Butter - has a yellow color.


Tremella foliacea