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Leptonia parva group

Leptonia parva group

Common Name: Black Leptonia


Substrate: Ground

Location: Mixed Forests

Spore Color: Pink

Gill Color: Whitish, then pinkish with age


There is a large group of little black Leptonias. They are members of the Entolomataceae, with pink, angular spores. 

This group has a black cap, with white gills that eventually turn pink with age. The top part of the stem should be a smoky black. I will sort these out someday with better names.


Entoloma serrulatum has "marginate" gills, where the edges are black.


Leptonia parva group

8/28/12 - Shades State Park - Waveland, IN

Entoloma serrulatum

Entoloma serrulatum

Entoloma serrulatum

9/30/11 - Deam Wilderness - Bloomington, IN