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Entoloma abortivum

Entoloma abortivum

Common Name: Aborted Entoloma

Synonyms: Clitopilus abortivus

Substrate: Armillaria mellea

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Salmon-pink

Gill Color: Pale gray to salmon with age


While generally considered an ugly mushroom, many people hunt this for the table, and it has an incredibly interesting life story.

First, this mushroom is a parastite on Honey Mushrooms (Armillaria species). As Honey Mushrooms attemt to grow, their growth is halted by this Entoloma species, and is parasitized, causing the malformed mass of fungus that you see below. Some say it resembles a malformed puffball. If you cut it open, it should have pink areas inside. This is one part of its growth pattern.

There is also an actual mushroom that will grow as well, aside from the parasitized Honey Mushrooms. The mushroom has a gray cap and gray gills that run slightly down the stem. It has the smell of bread dough or cucumber. 

Both the aborted form and the mushroom are edible.


To the aborted form:

Puffballs and Earthballs generally have a smooth, rather than malformed surface.

To the mushroom form:

Clitopilus prunnulus has a velvety white cap.


Entoloma abortivum

Entoloma abortivum

9/29/12 - Ross Hills Park - West Lafayette, IN