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Disciotis venosa

Disciotis venosa


No Common Name


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests


Found in the spring during morel season, it may be hard to make a positive ID without a microscope. But there are some macroscopic features to look for. The first is a chocolate brown interior to the cup, with a lighter tan underside. The center of the cup should develop wrinkles, and rim of the cup is often incurved. There are often small scale-like structures on the curved rim and underside. No stem should be present.


Peziza arvernensis - the underside should be colored similarly to the inner cup. Gyromitra leucoxantha is also similar but usually has a small stem on the underside.


Disciotis venosa

Disciotis venosa

3/17/12 - Hoosier National Forest - Orange County, IN