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Kretzschmaria deusta

Kretzschmaria deusta


Common Name: Carbon Cushion, Brittle Cinder, False Charcoal

Synonyms: Ustulina deusta; Species Fungorum

Substrate: Oak Logs

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Whitish

Edibility: Inedible


This is a very distinctive species when young, as it has a bright gray (if there is such as thing) surface surrounded by a white margin. This is the asexual stage of the mushroom. As the mushroom ages, and begins is sexual phase, it turns into dark black bumpy mass that makes the wood it is on look burnt. This is usually easily detached from the tree.

This species is a fairly common pathogen on many varieties of hardwood trees.


None in asexual stage. Several lookalikes during sexual state. One being Daldinia species. Another being Xylobolus frustulatus.


Kretzschmaria deusta

Kretzschmaria deusta

5/24/13 - Yellowwood State Forest - Brown Co., IN