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Coprinopsis atramentaria

Coprinopsis atramentaria

Common Name: Alcohol Inky

Synonyms: Coprinus atramentarius; Species Fungorum

Substrate: Ground, buried wood

Location: Hardwood forests, lawns

Spore Color: Black

Gill Color: Whitish; black with age


This mushroom tends to grow in clusters in lawns or in the forest. It has a gray to gray brown cap that has a pleated pattern across it. It can sometimes be slightly scaly. The gills start off whitish, but become black with age. 

This mushroom contains a chemical called "coprine" that can cause severe stomach upset if it is consumed with alcohol. If you decide to eat this mushroom, do not consume alcohol for 1-2 days afterwards.


Coprinopsis rogemansisa has prominent scales across the surface of the cap. Coprinus micaceus which has a tawny colored cap with small granules on the surface. Coprinopsis variegata grows from wood.


Coprinopsis atramentaria

Coprinopsis atramentaria

9/15/12 - McCormicks Creek SP - Spencer, IN