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Coprinellus disseminatus

Coprinellus domesticus

Common Name: Retro Inky; Orange Mat Coprinus


Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwoods. Sometimes in basements.

Spore Color: Black

Gill Color: Whitish; black with age


This is one of the few times where you can tell where a mushroom will form, even if there is not one present. That is because this Coprinus forms a shaggy mat of orange mycelium on its substrate. Another term for this mat is an "ozonium." 

If you are fortunate enough to find it with a mushroom fully formed, then the fruitbody will have a brownish-orange cap that is radially lined. It will also have granules on the surface.


There are two very similar species of this mushroom. Coprinus radians is separated by larger spores, so you will not be able to separate them without a microscope.


Coprinellus domesticus

Coprinellus domesticus

9/8/12 - Matter Park - Marion, IN

Coprinellus domesticus

8/25/12 - Racoon Lake SRA - Rockville, IN