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Coprinellus disseminatus

Coprinellus disseminatus

Common Name: Non-inky Coprinus, Little Helmets

Synonyms: Coprinus disseminatus, Pseudocoprinus disseminatus

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwoods

Spore Color: Black

Gill Color: Whitish; black with age

Time of Year: Spring and Fall. Mostly in Fall.


A fairly interesting little mushroom that fruits in very large troops. The first thing to notice is that it is a fairly small mushroom. The interesting part is that it changes colors dramatically throughout its life cycle. When very young, it starts out as an off-yellow color, and as it ages, becomes a gray color. There should also be a yellow-brown area on the disc of the cap at that point. 


Coprinus plicatilis is similar, but often much larger.


Coprinellus disseminatus

8/22/12 - Summit Lake State Park - New Castle, IN

Coprinellus disseminatus

Coprinellus disseminatus

9/8/12 - Brookhaven Neighborhood - Marion, IN

Coprinellus disseminatus

9/13/12 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN