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Rhodocollybia butyracea

Rhodocollybia butyracea

Common Name: Sawtooth Collybia

Synonyms: Collybia butyracea

Substrate: Wood

Location: Conifer Forests

Spore Color: White to pinkish to yellowish

Gill Color: Whitish 


There can be quite a bit of variation with the color of the cap for this mushroom. It can range from yellow-brown to red-brown and anything inbetween. Some field guides mention this mushroom in hardwoods, but I have not seen it there. The key ID feature is the slightly serrated edges to the gills and the cartilagenous stem.  


Gymnopus dryophilus does not have jagged gills. 


Rhodocollybia butyracea

Rhodocollybia butyracea

9/23/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN

Rhodocollybia butyracea

8/28/12 - Shades State Park - Waveland, IN

Rhodocollybia butyracea

9/27/11 - Morgan Monroe State Forest