Gymnopus acervatus

Common Name: Clustered Collybia

Synonyms: Collybia acervata

Substrate: Wood

Location: Conifers & Hardwoods

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Whitish or pinkish


This mushroom can be found growing in dense clusters from wood. Look for the stem being darker than the cap with age, and the dense mycelia at the base of the cluster. The cap usually starts off a reddish-brown, and then will dry to a whitish-tan.



Gymnopus acervatus

10/8/11 - Tippecanoe Battlefield - Battleground, IN

Gymnopus acervatus

Gymnopus acervatus

9/29/12 - Ross Hills Park - West Lafayette, IN

Gymnopus acervatus

Gymnopus acervatus

Brown County State Park - 5/24/10