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Clitocybula lacerata

Clitocybula lacerata

Common Name: Gray Clitocybula


Substrate: Wood 

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Gill Color: Whitish 


Several fo the key features include its grayish cap, gills that often have visible crossveins, cartaligenous stem, and the fact that it often grows in groups. Look for this mushroom on wood. 

The only book I have that mentions this species is Mushrooms of North America by the Bessettes.


Megacollybia rodmani


Clitocybula lacerata

Clitocybula lacerata

5/2/12 - Winslow Woods - Bloomington, IN

Clitocybula lacerata

Clitocybula lacerata

9/16/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN