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Clavariadelphus truncatus

Clavariadelphus truncatus

Common Name: Flat-topped Fairly Club

Synonyms: Clavaria truncata

Substrate: Ground

Location: Conifer Forests

Spore Color: Pale Yellow/Ochre


This is a small club fungus that grows from the ground. It is not exceedingly common. Look for the pinkish to orangeish color of the fruitbody and the "truncated" top. It looks to be cut off rather than a smooth curve.

Scientific Name: "truncatus" = "cut off"


We call our hardwood loving variety Clavariadelphus unicolor. It also has a truncated top but a white spore print. Clavariadelphus borealis is common under conifers in the PNW, and also has a white spore print. Clavariadelphus pistillaris is very similar, but has a rounded top and a bitter taste.