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Clitocybe gibba

Clitocybe irina

Common Name: None

Synonyms: Lepista irina, Tricholoma irinus, Rhodopaxillus irinus

Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Pale Pinkish


Look for white cap and white stem, gills running down the stem, crowded gills, no veil, and growing on the ground. The spores should be a slightly pinkish color. 


Clitocybe robusta has a yellowish spore print and a foul odor. Clitoplius prunulus has a dark pink spore print and a suede-like feel to the cap. Also usually a wavy margin. Hygrophorus eberneus has a sticky cap and stem, as well as wide gill spacing. 


Clitocybe irina

8/24/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN