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Clitocybe americana

Clitocybe americana

Common Name:  None

Synonyms: Species Fungorum

Substrate: Wood

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: White

Edibility: Unknown


This small Clitocybe was found growing on decaying wood. The gills run slightly down the stem and end abruptly forming a collar at the base of the gills. Wish I had taken a picture of this. The gills can often be forked and/or crossveined as well. The stem is fairly equal with matted hairs at the base. 


Clitocybe leptoloma and C. truncicola also grow from wood and have decurrrent gills, but the gills to not end in a collar on the stem. C. truncicola has smaller spores (3.5-5 x 2.5-4) than C. leptoloma (5-8 x 2.5-4). 


Clitocybe americana

5/23/13 - Yellowwood State Forest - Brown County, IN