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Xanthoconium purpureum

Xanthoconium purpureum

Common Name: None

Synonyms: Boletus purpureofuscus

Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Yellowish

Pore Surface: Yellow, slowly staining cinnamon brown


Fairly common Bolete. Pore surface starts out whitish. With age it turns dull yellow, and will slowly stain cinnamon brown if bruised. Flesh and context not staining. Cap starts out a purplush or maroon color and will fade to a dark maroon.

Chemical reactions: Ammonia on cap flashes green then turns red leaving a green ring. No reaction on flesh or context. KOH red on cap with black ring. No reaction on flesh or context. Pore surface stains red with KOH.

Cap cuticle not easily peelable. It also may have what look like bleached spots on the cap that have lost its pigment. Somewhat pungent odor at maturity. Edibility unknown.


Xanthoconium affine var. maculosus is very similar. It should have spots as seen in the final picture here. Are they all one in the same species? Who knows...not I. 


Xanthoconium purpureum

Xanthoconium purpureum

Xanthoconium purpureum

6/8/12 - Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN