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Tylopilus indecisus

Tylopilus indecisus

Common Name: Bitter Bolete


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood forests

Spore Color: Pinkish brown 

Pore Color: Whitish becoming pinkish, bruises brownish


When looking to identify most of the Tylopilus species, the first thing you are going to want to do is to taste them. If it is bitter, then you will want to look towards the species listed below. This species should not have a bitter taste.

Aside from the taste, look at the pore surface. It is usually pinkish and bruises brown.

Chemical Reactions:

NH4 – Cap: Brownish
FE – Cap: Gray
KOH – Cap: Dark red/purple


Tylopilus felleus and T. rubrobrunneus have a bitter taste.


Tylopilus indecisus

9/16/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN