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Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Common Name:  Gilled Bolete


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Olive-brown

Gills Surface: Yellow 


This mushroom looks exactly like a Bolete from the top, but that notion quickly dissolves once you turn it over because of the bright yellow gills.

The cap surface can range from a fairly vibrant reddish to a duller orange-red as pictured. Somewhat velvety texture to the cap. It is possible for this species to bruise blue on the gills and body.

In order to correctly identify your Phylloporus species you are going to have to look at the base of the mushroom. This species should have white mycelium at the base.


Phylloporus rhodoxanthus has yellow mycelium at the base.


Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Some blue bruising on the gills after bring handled.

7/28/12 - TC Steele Historic Site - Peckerwood Trail - Brown County, IN

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

8/28/12 - Shades State Park - Rockville, IN

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

7/26/11 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN

Phylloporus leucomycelinus

9/13/12 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN