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Leccinum rugosiceps

Leccinum rugosiceps

Common Name: Wrinkled Leccinum


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwoods

Spore Color: Olive-brown

Pore Color: Dull yellow


The most distinctive feature that you should notice on this mushroom is the cap. It is a light orange color, and is fairly distinctively wrinkled. It resembles Boletus hortonii. The stem has scabers that start off pinkish, and turn dark brown upon handling. Context slowly turns reddish-purplish upon exposure. Finally, the stem has a small root-like projection that goes into the ground.

Said to be edible.

Chemical Reactions:

KOH – Cap: orange. (Bessette (1997) says cherry red)
FE – Cap: gray
NH4 – Cap: No reaction to light orange


Boletus hortonii.


Leccinum rugosiceps

Leccinum rugosiceps

9/16/12 - Leonard Springs - Bloomington, IN