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Boletus subluridellus

Boletus subluridellus

Common Name: None


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Dark Olive Brown

Pore Color: Red


This mushroom is very similar to those in the Boletus subvelutipes group. Most people probably conjoin most of their collections in with that group. The first thing to look for to know you are in the right place is a red pore surface. 

This species can be separated out based on several features, some of which can be variable. In a general sense, I look for more orange-red tones to the cap, and a lack of red flushing on the stem. B. subvelutipes more often has strictly reddish colorations to the cap and red flushing on the stem. This species has more of a strictly yellow stem. But these are variable. One key feature to separate them out would be the absense of reddish hairs at the base of the mushroom with this species. But once again, this can be variable. 

All parts of the mushroom should bruise blue fairly quickly. 


Boletus subvelutipes should have short reddish hairs at the base of the stem, red flushing on the stem, and slightly larger spores. 


Boletus subluridellus

9/13/12 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN