Boletus sensibilis

Common Name: None


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Olivaceous

Pore Surface: Yellow


Start off by looking for the rosy red or dull red cap, yellow pore surface, and sometimes a bit of red on a yellow stem. Next, cut a section off of the cap, and both the pore surface and the flesh should stain blue instantly. Finally give it a smell. If it smells like curry, then you know you have the proper ID.


Boletus bicolor - when cut, only the tube surface should stain, and not the flesh. Sometimes the flesh can stain but not instantly. 


Boletus sensibilis

Boletus sensibilis

Boletus sensibilis

9/15/12 - McCormicks Creek SP - Spencer, IN

Boletus sensibilis

Boletus sensibilis

Griffy Woods - Bloomington, IN - 7/14/11