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Boletus rubellus

Boletus rubellus

Common Name: None


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: 

Pore Surface: Yellow becoming olivaceous. Bruises blue.


There are several small boletes that fit very closely together in the B. campestris group. This would be one of them. The members of this group will have a small stature, reddish cap, and blue staining pores. Some of the things I look for to differentiate this one is first, a base that tapers downward, larger pore openings, and a woodland habitat. It will sometimes have a reddish orange base as well. The final thing to look for is that B. rubellus will often have small red dots on the stem from the base to the cap.


Boletus campestris will have usually have a stem that is equal all the way down and is only punctate (has small dots) towards the base. Boletus fraternus usually has a very cracked cap with maturity. 


Boletus rubellus

Boletus rubellus

Boletus rubellus

8/24/12 - Griffey Woods - Bloomington, IN