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Boletus gertrudiae

Boletus gertrudiae

Common Name: None


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood forests

Spore Color: Unknown

Pore Surface: White becoming bright yellow. Finally brownish yellow


The yellowish colors to the cap make this bolete somewhat distinctive. Ranges from a pale brownish yellow to an orange yellow. May be brighter yellow towards the margin. The flesh or pore surface should not bruise.

The upper portion of the stem should have reticulation. The stem starts out white, but may begin to turn yellow coming downwards from the cap with age.

This mushroom is somewhat uncommon. Edibility is unknown.

Chemical Reactions:

NH4 -  Pore surface brick red to burgundy.

Scientific Name:

Named in honor of Getrude Wells of Connecticut.


Boletus nobilis may appear similar, but has more brownish/olivaceous tones to the cap.


Boletus gertrudiae

Boletus gertrudiae

9/20/12 - Morgan Monroe State Forest - Morgan County, IN

Boletus gertrudiae

3 mushrooms on the top right are this species.

8/7/11 - Clarion, PA