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Boletus fraternus

Boletus fraternus

Common Name: No Common Name


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood forests

Spore Color: Olive-brown

Pore Color: Yellow, becoming brownish with age. Blues when bruised.


This is one of the members of the Boletus campestris group. They are quite often difficult to separate, because they all are small, have a brick red color to the cap, and a pore surface that bruises blue. If you have a small bolete with these features, with a cap that is cracking, it may be easiest to just call it Boletus fraternus. The stem should be "reddish pruinose over a yellow ground color, sometimes entirely yellow without a trace of red." (Bessette 2000)


Boletus subfraternus does not have cracks and fissures and has irregular pores that nearly become gill-like towards the stem. Other members of the Boletus campestris group usually lacks the cracks as well. This includes Boletus campestris and Boletus rubellus. Boletus chrysenteron also has a cracked cap, but it will usually have more olive tones to the cap, and the cracked areas will be pinkish-red.


Boletus fraternus

Boletus fraternus

8/25/12 - Raccoon Lake SRA - Bloomington, IN

Boletus fraternus

9/13/12 - Brown County State Park - Nashville, IN