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Boletus flavorubellus

Boletus flavorubellus

No Common Name


Substrate: Ground

Location: Hardwood Forests

Spore Color: Unknown

Pore Color: Yellow, Bruises Blue


I am not entirely sure of this ID, but it seems to fit fairly close. 

In the Bessette Bolete Book, under Boletus rubellus, they mention this species and say it is "known only from Michigan" and "has a brick red to dark red pileus that gardually fades to pale red and finally orange-yellow in age and bright yellow context that slowly stains greenish blue."

The only part that does not fit is the color of the context.  But similar to B. rubellus, it has a stem that is punctate with dull reddish dots. Flesh and pores stain bluish green. 

Specimen in personal herbaria.



Boletus flavorubellus

Boletus flavorubellus

8/23/12 - Cataract Falls State Park - Owen County, IN